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You've said "Yes"! Congratulations!


Now it's time to find a celebrant and plan your wedding. 

As well as conducting the actual ceremony I also help you with the paperwork and legal requirements including:

Lodge your completed notice of intended marriage application form. This must be at least 1 month (or up to 18 months) before you get married.

I will also need to see your original proof of ID and eligibility documents.


After your wedding ceremony I am responsible for registering your marriage on your behalf and applying for a marriage certificate.

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Garden wedding Marriage Preparation Course for Christelle Marriage Celebrant


Christelle Marriage Celebrant logo

Engagement really is an exciting time in your life! There is so much hope and expectation around the relationship and upcoming marriage.


Of course, after every wedding comes a marriage. At the heart of every marriage there are two people in a relationship. The success of your marriage is going to depend on how successfully you can negotiate your relationship together.


Research shows that healthy relationships share several key characteristics, all of which can be developed and nurtured by willing partners.


The HHC Marriage Preparation Course has been developed by Honni & Tony Hayton, to help you explore these characteristics and show you how to develop and nurture them over time.


The Course has an online course component, as well as personalised sessions with an experienced Marriage coach.

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